Singing Lessons




If you have never learned singing before, if you have had some training or if you are a fully fledged pro singer then Sydney Singing Centre is the right studio for you.
I also specialise in
adult beginners.

When you first make contact I will organise a time to come to the studio and sing for me.Or a FREE Skype appraisal. After I have listened to you sing I will give you detailed feedback as to which area of your voice we need to work on to get your voice to where you want it to be. I want to be sure you feel comfortable before committing to working with me, so for this initial meet and greet there is no charge to you.
Then, if you are ready to commit to improving we will work out a lesson schedule to suit you.

You will learn about:


  • Body Alignment (Posture) How the body works best for singing

  • Breath Management: How to breathe and ‘engage’ the breath

  • How to ‘Warm Up’ and ‘Warm Down’

  • Improve your vocal health

  • Sing through your register transition (‘Break’)

  • Riffing (Melisma) i.e. fast vocal runs

  • Vocal Range Improvement (High and Low)

  • Vocal Control (From Loud to Soft skilfully)

  • Power and Stamina

  • Vibrato


  • Overcoming Nerves (Performance Anxiety)

  • Microphone Technique

  • Suitable repertoire choice

  • How to tell the ‘Story’ of the song

  • How to relate to the Lyrics of the song

  • How to engage an audience

  • How to make your performance ‘Amazing’


  • A Physical Warm-up (Best done in the waiting room)

  • A Vocal Warm-up

  • Revision of previous weeks tasks

  • New tasks for the week

  • Technique

  • Songs

  • Performance skills

  • Film and/or record Performance 

  • View and assess performance together